The Golden Age of Laser Technology

Compared to electronics, semiconductors and other industries, the laser industry is relatively small, 2016 global laser market size of 10.4 billion US dollars, is expected to grow to 11.1 billion US dollars in 2017. Obviously, the laser industry seems to be somewhat insignificant from the market scale; but the application of blue laser pointer technology is almost able to cover all areas of production and life, from automobile manufacturing, power batteries, to mobile phone manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment and even defense And so almost all of the areas we can think of are active in the laser figure; and for many industries, laser technology has become an indispensable support technology.

From the market growth point of view, according to the type of laser, the next five years, the fastest growing market is the direct semiconductor lasers, mainly kilowatt-class high-power semiconductor lasers; growth is the second fastest quantum cascade laser, this laser advantage Obviously, widely used, especially in anti-terrorism, security and other applications play an important role in the future of the global quantum cascade lasers will have a huge demand. Fiber lasers will always maintain a steady growth rate. From the application of the most powerful laser market, to remove about half of the optical communications market, the current macro-processing is the largest market, followed by micro-processing, the future with the manufacturing industry continues to high-end development, micro-processing market will have a large growing space.

The laser used in laser micromachining applications, mainly excimer lasers, fiber laser CO2 lasers and solid-state lasers, where fiber lasers and excimer lasers are the most used. It is worth mentioning that, CO2 lasers did not die from the market, in fact, recently in the non-metallic processing also ushered in a lot of new opportunities. Another market for laser processing is the kilowatt-class high-power laser processing market, which in 2016 was about $ 1.5 billion, showing a relatively steady growth in the next five years. In kilowatt-class applications, the current metal cutting applications are still large head, accounting for about 70% of the share, the other two types of applications are metal welding and weighting manufacturing.

Look at the global 100mw laser pointer marking market. This is a relatively mature and stable market, the total income of about 600 million US dollars, the future market growth is relatively slow. Currently used for marking the laser is mainly fiber lasers (about half of the market) and CO2 lasers (about 1/3 of the market), the application of semiconductor lasers are gradually increasing.

Laser technology as a core of industrial manufacturing driving force, itself is constantly moving forward. To sum up, the laser is toward the «faster, higher, better, shorter» in the four directions.

The development of lasers is moving in the direction of high intelligence, high power, high beam quality, high reliability, low cost and all solid state. Laser precision machining and microfabrication technology will be the focus of development, and its promotion and use in electronics, semiconductor, communications, optical storage, micromachine manufacturing, biology, environment and other industries will create unprecedented possibilities for traditional processing methods. Here, ultrafast 300mw laser pointer will grow rapidly as the precision machining and microfabrication markets expand.

Laser processing automation, integrated and intelligent levels continue to improve, based on combined with industrial robots, 3D welding, marking, cutting and other multi-dimensional processing, applicability and application of laser technology continues to expand. The application of laser technology in industry has been everywhere, a new laser technology emerges; ultrafast laser is becoming industrial laser, the market will directly market blowout; application of semiconductor laser into solid laser; laser 3D printing has developed rapidly, many key problems needed to be broken; red laser pointer welding will usher in a period of rapid growth; photonic and semiconducting combination. Will the next generation optoelectronic technology; optoelectronic technology has become the support for the next 30 years of economic development, the next 30 years will be the golden age of laser technology!


The Application of Surface Treatment Technology

There are a variety of methods for surface nanocrystallization of materials. There are a large number of surface nanocrystallization technologies. It is a surface layer which can realize the nano-characteristics by means of laser surface treatment technology and nanometer technology. It can be collectively referred to as green laser pointer surface nanocrystallization technology; More generally referred to as laser nano-surface engineering technology, is directly or mainly the use of laser this specific technical means to directly change or add material to change the surface of the solid material is treated, the composition or structure, so that the formation of nano-crystal Grain or a certain nanoparticle composition of the surface layer. Or the use of laser etching, laser embossing, laser hair, laser micro-nano modeling and other means to achieve nano-structure on the surface of the material.

red laser pointer

The welding equipment does not need to be in contact with the bonded plastic parts. Stress and thermal stress; minimizes heat damage and thermal deformation, can be different composition or different colors of the resin bonded together; can be welded to the size of small or complex structure of the complex parts, for some complex parts can even «penetrate welding» ; No vibration technology can produce air tight or vacuum seal structure; can be a variety of different plastic welding, and other welding methods have a greater limit; equipment, high degree of automation, can be easily used for complex plastic parts processing. Specializes in welding products with complex shapes (even three dimensions); can weld areas where other methods are not easy to reach. Because of the advantages of laser pen welding, it is particularly attractive to those who seek a cleaner way to weld complex parts of the processors, such as circuit boards containing plastic products, medical equipment.

The application of surface treatment technology has a long history, but the surface engineering technology from concept to development into a complete discipline system time, and now only a few decades, laser technology and nano-technology and surface engineering technology combined with laser surface nano-technology or Also known as laser nano-surface engineering technology. Although the use of a variety of laser surface treatment technology, such as blue laser pointer irradiation, laser remelting, laser cladding and laser shock, has a lot of research data and achieved fruitful results, but specifically targeted for the use of these technologies, The research on surface nanocrystallization is still relatively small and not systematic, and the development of nano-patterning of laser surface is still in the early stage, so there is still a lot of research work in this field.

After the successful development of the high-power laser in the 1970s, the laser surface treatment technology has been put into practical application, and then the laser quenching (laser phase transformation hardening surface modification technology), laser remelting, laser surface alloying, Laser cladding, laser surface amorphization and laser impact strengthening and other methods. These red laser pointer surface treatment technology through the surface of the material to form a certain thickness of the treatment layer to improve the mechanical properties of the material surface, metallurgical properties, physical properties, thereby improving the parts, the workpiece wear, corrosion resistance, fatigue and other properties. Laser due to high power density, good direction, easy energy transfer, can be transmitted in a variety of transparent media and other characteristics. At the same time, the development of laser pulse nanometer pattern is more feasible.

At present, laser welding machine commonly used plastic welding technology mainly vibration friction welding, hot plate plastic welding and ultrasonic welding, mainly used to connect sensitive plastic products (including circuit boards), with complex geometric shapes of plastic parts and a strict clean Requirements of plastic products (medical equipment) and so on. Application of high power laser welding welding plastic parts, the advantages are: welded seam size precision, airtight and watertight; welding firm, you can get high-precision welding parts. The welding equipment does not need to be in contact with the bonded plastic parts, compared with other welding methods, greatly reduce the vibration of the products.

Chain of htpow laser industry


The upstart high-power direct diode lasers made an appearance at metal cutting tradeshows. Sustainability is at the heart of our business and the laser labelling is a brilliant way for us to reduce packaging and energy use. They would point the laser at a specific angle to the rover.

Customers are satisfied with the work he produces with green laser pointer , ps or fs lasers could produce better work. In preparing for this special section on industrial lasers we conducted a survey of manufacturers to get an idea of how and where lasers are being used.

According to police, the crew believed the green laser pointer . In short, laser-based manufacturing continues to set new standards of productivity and efficiency. Marking lasers continuing to get cheaper, as well as cheaper diodes driving down fiber laser prices.

But new laser technology offers attractive solutions. And the shorter the better, because the peak power for a laser pulse. The price for all laser technology is trending downward and perhaps the cost differential will cease to be a factor.

Sometimes he works alone, and sometimes with musicians, like when he provided a laser show ( . This report will help all players across the value chain of htpow laser industry in their tactical decision making. It compares the lasers to see a gravitational wave’s properties.

Using laser cut cross-sections of laser-sliced ham

As we started thinking about the possibility of laser pointer communications on Orion.But by firing the laser 10,000 times a second the «true» laser photon returns will coalesce to give scientists data on surface elevation.Although all of photonics is thoroughly represented there, there is an emphasis on lasers.

When commanders and military leaders talk about how they will use such lasers.Police have issued a warning to people using laser lights inappropriately, after two men allegedly pointed a laser light at passing motorists.The inherent scalability of this beam-combined laser system has allowed us to build the first 60kW-class fiber laser for the US Army.

It is approaching the limits of being able to keep the 10000mw Laser tightly focused over long distances.The DSTG-proposed new generation fibre laser technology replaces a large fraction of the solid-state laser with a monolithic fibre laser amplifier.Such lasers are sensitive to vibration and as a result are difficult to engineer and expensive to ruggedise for integration onto a defence platform.

Today, lasers allow researchers to manipulate materials on atomic and subatomic levels.Atoms must be excited to release their light-emitting energy, though, and lasers harness these atoms’ energy into beams.Lasers can imbue metals with many novel properties.It becomes possible to address the challenging problem of atomistic modeling of nanoparticle generation by laser ablation in liquids.

Laser Scope for Handguns

With the advent of Red Laser technology in the 1960s, materials scientists gained a new tool to both study and modify materials.Low-energy and high-energy lasers have made huge impacts on modern life.One way to do this is to use laser ablation, or the process of selectively removing small amounts of material.

A new ultrafast technique, using high-energy electrons coupled to a laser pump, revealed insights into atomic vibrational dynamics in a laser-heated gold thin film.A 4K digital cinema projector that features cutting-edge red and blue laser phosphor technology.Please sculpt a bust of Vin Diesel using laser cut cross-sections of laser-sliced ham.

We are experts in high quality optics utilized in 100mw Laser applications.Getting sun exposure in the month before and, especially, in the month after a laser hair removal session.Laser hair removal is also versatile and safe enough for treating a variety of places such as above the lip or on the arms.

Have a good time with a more powerful light show

The high power laser pointer cheap at HTPOW is in the form of a pen or flashlight. Sold in black or gray with the No. 1 e-commerce in France, the green laser pointer is used to show the stars, climbing walls or places determined during a hike. Featuring a large distance transmission, the green laser pointer at Cdiscount proposed works with a power of 1 MW to 200 MW. Some speakers also use the green laser pointer sold at Cdiscount has a USB port for passing the slides in a slide show.

Well, this is no longer the latest news that green laser pointer is considered as the most popular gadget among all series of laser gadgets. How is this gadget laser receiving such large market share? If you have done a search you should have noticed that the green laser pointer have been applied in almost all corners of the world. In material processing, green lasers (when compared with near-infrared lasers) can bring benefits via a much higher absorption coefficient e.g. in copper, gold, or silicon.

 Violet Laser Engraver Machine

The FAA says the increase in annual laser reports is likely due to a number of factors, including the availability of inexpensive laser devices on the Internet; increased power levels that enable lasers to reach aircraft at higher altitudes; more pilot reporting of green laser pointer strikes; and the introduction of green and blue lasers, which are more easily seen than red lasers.

But the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did issue regulations, shortly after a New Jersey man living near Newark International Airport was apprehended by the FBI for what he maintained was recreational use of a Class IIIa laser. (For a quick refresher of what might happen if you’re caught wielding a laser pointer in the vicinity of a US airport, and a response from the US manufacturer of the laser involved.

If the driver lost control due to either a split second visual effect or a psychological effect (startle or panic), the consequences could be dire. There are reports of pilots who have had to look away or hand control of a landing airplane over to a co-pilot after similar incidents from more powerful light show Red Laser Pointer .Laser experts agree that transient visual effects are possible and should be addressed. These effects are called glare, flashblindness, and afterimage.

The first 10,000 feet gives us a laser beam across almost 90 degrees of our view. And the next 15,000 feet of beam visually lengthens the visible beam by a size smaller than the disk of Saturn, Jupiter, or Venus. In other words, while the beam is fading out gradually.There are tons of people out there selling green lasers, and lots of horror stories.

I’ll admit that the first justification that occurred to me was that I could do my best Dr. Evil voice and brag that my iPhone had a frickin’ laser beam attached to its head.  But the real answer is that many folks like to use an iPhone to run a presentation on a computer, and since some of the best presenter remote controls have a Laser Engraver built in, the iPin adds that same capability to your iPhone.

High power laser pointer provide the Navy a more affordable means

It’s very difficult to buy more than a couple of systems unless you’ve established a program of record with its own line items in the budget.
(«In the Air Force, they still don’t have much other than basic research,» Gunzinger said – a fact Meyer attributed to the challenges of cramming laser sight into an aircraft).»A Laser Sight beam can cut through steel while a flashlight cannot due to the fact that laser light is coherent. With a very small 20 kW DE-STARLITE, a 300-meter-wide (1,000 foot) asteroid can be deflected in 15 years.The bigger the NEO, the longer the time needed. But the problem with the Army and Navy demonstration effort, said Gunzinger, is that «we really don’t have a program to transition that to a full program of record,» something the military officially and formally has declared its intent to buy. Smaller asteroids can be deflected in under a year, after the spacecraft’s arrival at the asteroid,» Zhang said.

HTPOW 30000mw Military Laser Pointer‎

By analogy, a unit of army troops marching in step can inadvertently cause a bridge to collapse, while the same number of people using the bridge in a random fashion have no effect.»Laser» is an acronym for Light A mplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The bigger the high power laser pointer , the shorter the time needed.This means all the photons in the beam are marching in lock-step with each other, instead of every-which-way like ordinary light. Speaking alongside Meyer this morning was the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment’s Mark Gunzinger, whose 2012 report advocating defensive lasers helped jump-start high-level interest.

«High power laser pointer provide the Navy a more affordable means of defending ships in harm’s way,» said Steve Hixson, vice president of directed energy at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.Along with precision, ease of integration into various platforms and scalable escalation, laser weapons in the future will offer the principal advantage of reduced cost, since material consumption and wear and tear with laser sight effectors is naturally low, Rheinmetall said.

Since then, Gunzinger told the group, both the Army and Navy have started official high power laser pointer technology maturation and demonstration programs aimed at initial operational capability in the 2020-2022 range. Precisely because they’re not supposed to be superweapons, however, they’re also more achievable.


This is the best Laser yet.

I could see it bouncing off of vehicles over 10000 yards at dusk! I don’t think anyone should have problems with this sight!Awesome bore site. I did lots of research and found that this high powered laser was rated No.1! Battery lasts for a long time…. I sighted in scope, laser, and close combat sight 3x after changing things and it still has lots of juice. The laser is bright as hell!

It was bright sunny afternoon conditions. This is the BEST 10000mw Laser that I have ever had. I am not going to waste my money on the cheap ones any more. I have bought all of the $11.00 and other cheap ones for my guns.For an inexpensive laser, I was surprised how well and how bright it was. I was worried that it would start to burn whatever it was pointed at (just kidding). The rail mounted wired switch did not work for me, but I wasn’t planning on using it anyway.

450nm Burning Laser Pointer

Delivered on-time and well packaged. This is the best 200mw Laser I’ve used. I’ve used the types that fit in the chamber like a cartridge, ones that fit inside the rifle bore, red and green lasers. Very accurate, allow for the centerline of the scope and bore for actual targets at 100 yards and it’s right on the money. I’ve used it on three rifles and one 9mm handgun. I finally had a chance to use the Wheeler Laser bore Sighter for a Thompson Encore and a AR-10, both in .308 cal. Both had Nikon BDC optics.

First one I received had damage to the threads leading to the battery compartment. Amazon return and received a new one immediately. Sighted in 20/20, .243 and .22 rifle scopes in about 20 minutes. This thing is amazing. Did it at dusk. Fired rounds after and they were dead on. Green lasers are awesome! Love the case. Device is heavy and very solid. Magnet is very powerful.

This Laser Sight has a very BRIGHT light that lets you see it a very long ways. I bore site mine in the dark and you can site it for just about any distance that you want. Of course, you will need to realize the drop if you go to far. Light does not drop but your bullet will. You just stick the device on the gun and it is ready. No adjustments that I see that you will need. Also, you can use their target that is included for reflection but I have not needed to so far.After leveling the gun and the sights. Thats all I can ask for, and its worth the extra cost because caliber doesnt matter, or type of gun…any gun with a metal barrel can use this sight….the case is great and this is a very durable product. I highly recommend it!

Defense System Stragety of The USA

The realization of intelligent and remote network laser system is important for them.The United States also has a non lethal burning laser system used in counter-terrorism and security operations. Laser Energetics and CACI company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the United States Department of defense and other federal government agencies, to provide high powered burning laser systems for its product line. The principle of burning laser weapon is the visual obstacle to the enemy personnel temporarily by laser. Governments around the world are struggling to cope with the threat of asymmetric warfare and to protect the interests of citizens, so the market is expected grow substantially in the future.

 5000mw Gatling Laser Pointer 450nm Blue

Non Lethal Laser System

«Low altitude» is also continuing to improve. At present, the system is mainly composed of two container sized cabin composition. And the systems will be concentrated in a shelter, toward the fixed and mounted modular development in the future and it will enhance the automation level greatly. He also revealed that the they are developing a high powered laser interception system which will take a single set of bomb in the future.

Blindness Laser Weapon

According to the British «Daily Mail» reported that in order to deal with Somali pirates, British scientists have developed a 200mw Laser Pointer equipment which can make the pirates lost direction. The system uses a laser to create virtual solar light, so that the ship can be hidden behind the laser. This kind of high powered laser can also make people dazzling to lead them lost direction and can not find the target vessel. It is understood that the low power of lasers will increase in the future.

Because of the low altitude Laser guards use a non visible light, so the actual operation can not see the Laser Sight shot, in the eyes of the beholder, they can only see the UAV suddenly caught fire and crashed.This can be described as «machine» in the invisible injury.

The Future of Laser Weapon

It is reported that the U.S. Navy will use a variety of methods of field to test high-energy weapons in the next five years, and hope that the power of laser weapons increased from 30kW to 100kW or higher, while improving the speed of electromagnetic railgun.